• If TREND was installed previously, cd to its directory and enter ./uninstall.script   This should remove links and path to the previous executable files.
  • Download and unzip the file with name ending -macOS.tar.gz by double clicking the file displayed in the OS X GUI. Or within a terminal shell run the command:

tar -xvzf  TREND*-macOS.tar.gz

  • Open a terminal shell and cd to the directory created and containing the new software, which is typically TRENDacademic-1.8/  Enter the command

./install.script          (sudo ./install.script   if permission is needed)

This places on the desktop the folder TREND_NMR that contains trendnmr.app and trendanalysis.app, as well as the folder TRENDclassic that contains trendmaingui.apptrendplotgui.app, and trendreconstructgui.app . Since the installation script only runs properly within the terminal shell, do not bother to try to run this script from OS X desktop GUI by clicking on it.

The current TREND directory is  added to the PATH environment variable.  The file ~/.bash_profile has lines added to it that begin with  #TREND path environment

  • Open a new terminal or type and enter the command  within a terminal shell:

source ~/.bash_profile

Now all TREND commands can be launched in a terminal.

  • If you are comfortable with a shell terminal, you can just enter


to add the current TREND directory to the PATH environment variable. No permission is required.

  • When TREND apps can’t be launched on OSX 10.11 and later, see Known Limitations by OS for granting the app permission to run.