TREND NMR: TRack Equilibrium or Non-equilibrium shifts in NMR Data

Resolve Trends of Change in Imaging, Spectra, or other Data with Ease

What TREND software can do

TREND classic and TREND NMR software resolve the main trend(s) of change across a series of spectra, video, or other measurements. TREND NMR is optimized for 2D NMR spectra (Xu and Van Doren, 2018). TREND classic is general in purpose and applicable to many formats of data (Xu and Van Doren, 2017).

TREND software frees the user from manually choosing which features to monitor in complicated data, saving much time and effort. This reveals how the changes depend on time or other conditions. Some examples are illustrated. One module can simplify the measurements by reconstructing them from only the trends of interest. TREND software is free for academic use.

TREND NMR Capabilities

The TREND NMR package not only quickly generates a binding isotherm or reaction progress curve from a series of spectra, but it also fits the curve to an equation chosen by the user (Xu and Van Doren, 2018, Sci. Reports). It can also compare and group a set of NMR spectra or peak lists. The package can compare a series of peak lists using CONCISE, which can reveal a continuum of enzyme states (Cembran et al., 2014).