• If TREND was installed previously, cd to its directory and enter ./uninstall.script   This should remove links and path to the previous executable files.
  • Unzip the file ending in either -RHEL7.tar.gz or -Ubuntu16.04.tar.gz by naming that  file in a terminal shell for extraction, e.g.,

tar -xvzf  TREND*-RHEL7.tar.gz

  • In a terminal shell within the directory created by extraction of the archive, enter the  command


This adds the current TREND directory to the PATH environment variable. Three lines (starting with #TREND path environment) will be added to the configuration files ~/.bashrc, ~/.cshrc, and ~/.tcshrc to support whichever Unix shell you use. Now all TREND commands can be launched in terminal.

  • Source the configuration file for the Unix shell that you use, e.g.,

source ~/.bashrc      or       source ~/.tcshrc